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West Coast

Fri, 30 Jul 2021

West Coast backed at 1.52 by:
jakeg1983, patate, mlipka, shaq32, shiller, allThatJazz, dizzyM, roadRunner, gaurav712, getShorty, drummmz, blinder, macAttack
Collingwood backed at 2.62 by:
archer, petmat78, bmaxman, chromeBoy, marjorie, crafty101, homeBoy, frhjones, timmyTime, wildoct, benji96, beatle64, juneau, theLongshot, shaunTheSheep, optimusprime, kforeman, igcompany, hkwiggins, casper07, pominoz
West Coast -12.5 backed at 1.92 by:
roadRunner, shiller, macAttack, mlipka, shaq32, patate
Collingwood +12.5 backed at 1.92 by:
benji96, juneau, shaunTheSheep, casper07, sysbet, pominoz, igcompany, archer, crafty101, timmyTime, homeBoy, frhjones
Over 145.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
macAttack, archer, mlipka, shaq32
Under 145.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
benji96, timmyTime, crafty101, frhjones, juneau, casper07, pominoz
Fixture Activity


Gold Coast

Sat, 31 Jul 2021

Melbourne backed at 1.22 by:
sepoct, pominoz, ghs001, hawkeyehiggins, shiller, allThatJazz, macAttack, roadRunner, boehmer, iamnero, frhjones, archer, drummmz, mlipka, getShorty, broussard, calcmac, patate
Gold Coast backed at 4.53 by:
homeBoy, wildoct, benji96, dizzyM, beatle64, theLongshot, kforeman, crafty101, igcompany, hkwiggins, blinder, shaunTheSheep, bmaxman, shaq32, timmyTime, chromeBoy, marjorie, juneau
Melbourne -27.5 backed at 1.92 by:
frhjones, archer, juneau, patate, shiller, pominoz, timmyTime, roadRunner
Gold Coast +27.5 backed at 1.92 by:
shaq32, macAttack, crafty101, homeBoy, shaunTheSheep, mlipka, igcompany
Over 152.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
mlipka, frhjones, macAttack
Under 152.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
crafty101, shaq32, timmyTime, casper07, juneau, archer, benji96, pominoz
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Sat, 31 Jul 2021

Brisbane backed at 1.17 by:
roadRunner, macAttack, iamnero, getShorty, shaq32, drummmz, mlipka, patate, hawkeyehiggins, shiller, allThatJazz
Hawthorn backed at 5.33 by:
beatle64, petmat78, bmaxman, crafty101, timmyTime, igcompany, hkwiggins, frhjones, blinder, wildoct, casper07, homeBoy, jakeg1983, chromeBoy, marjorie, juneau, optimusprime, kforeman, shaunTheSheep, benji96, archer, theLongshot, pominoz, dizzyM
Brisbane -30.5 backed at 1.92 by:
mlipka, patate, shiller, roadRunner, macAttack, shaq32
Hawthorn +30.5 backed at 1.92 by:
timmyTime, homeBoy, juneau, shaunTheSheep, archer, pominoz, igcompany, frhjones
Over 142.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
macAttack, mlipka, frhjones
Under 142.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
benji96, archer, crafty101, shaq32, timmyTime, casper07, pominoz, juneau



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