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Melbourne V.

Thu, 11 Apr 2024

Melbourne V. backed at 2.13 by:
jewlz911, kforeman, frhjones, wingmantle, getShorty, charleswa, bmaxman, roadRunner, petmat78, igcompany, johnny1983, wildoct, gaurav712
Draw backed at 3.55 by:
patate, mlipka, wimbledon, macAttack
Wellington backed at 3.45 by:
homeBoy, pominoz, chromeBoy, marjorie, archer, jakeg1983, timmyTime, shiller, allThatJazz, dizzyM, beatle64, juneau, shaq32, shaunTheSheep, theLongshot, hkwiggins, drummmz, blinder
Over 2.5 goals backed at 1.82 by:
getShorty, crafty101, juneau, pominoz, shaunTheSheep, igcompany, archer, timmyTime, frhjones
Under 2.5 goals backed at 2.03 by:
patate, shaq32, theLongshot, shiller, macAttack, mlipka
Fixture Activity


Moana Pasifika

Thu, 11 Apr 2024

Reds backed at 1.18 by:
roadRunner, calcmac, jewlz911, bmaxman, archer, igcompany, wildoct, hawkeyehiggins, frhjones, getShorty, SonnyDL, ghs001, charleswa, pominoz, macAttack, crafty101, chromeBoy, beatle64, broussard, iamnero, kforeman, mlipka, johnny1983, npreston, allThatJazz, drummmz, blinder
Moana Pasifika backed at 5.13 by:
theLongshot, juneau, hkwiggins, marjorie, timmyTime, patate, shaq32, homeBoy, shiller
Reds -13.5 backed at 1.92 by:
frhjones, timmyTime, roadRunner, archer, juneau, patate, shiller
Moana Pasifika +13.5 backed at 1.92 by:
macAttack, shaunTheSheep, igcompany, shaq32, homeBoy, mlipka
Over 62.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
frhjones, macAttack, igcompany, mlipka
Under 62.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
juneau, shiller, archer, timmyTime, shaq32
Fixture Activity



Fri, 12 Apr 2024

Crusaders backed at 1.26 by:
macAttack, SonnyDL, roadRunner, pominoz, mlipka, archer, igcompany, blinder, getShorty, npreston, patate, frhjones
Waratahs backed at 4.03 by:
shiller, chromeBoy, beatle64, kforeman, theLongshot, shaq32, drummmz, bmaxman, juneau, shaunTheSheep, timmyTime, marjorie, wildoct, homeBoy, crafty101
Crusaders -10.5 backed at 1.92 by:
patate, archer, shiller, frhjones, macAttack, roadRunner, mlipka
Waratahs +10.5 backed at 1.92 by:
juneau, shaunTheSheep, homeBoy, igcompany, Jacko66, shaq32, timmyTime
Over 53.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
macAttack, frhjones, mlipka
Under 53.5 total points backed at 1.92 by:
casper07, pominoz, juneau, benji96, shaq32, archer, crafty101, timmyTime
Fixture Activity


Western Bulldogs

Fri, 12 Apr 2024

Essendon backed at 2.64 by:
patate, shaq32, shiller, drummmz, macAttack, roadRunner, theLongshot, mlipka, marjorie
Western Bulldogs backed at 1.51 by:
getShorty, SonnyDL, calcmac, GameTipper, wingmantle, charleswa, kforeman, archer, juneau, beatle64, homeBoy, ghs001, johnny1983, petmat78, bmaxman



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