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The following table ranks each team based on the predictability of their score lines as measured by the accuracy of pre-game bookmaker lines. Figures are shown for home, away and all fixtures.

bet365 lines are used to determine the cover frequencies and predictability scores. The predictability scores are calculated as the average of the absolute values of the difference between the final score margin and the bookmaker\'s line. For example, if the home line is -4.5 and the home team wins by 2 points, the difference is abs(2 - 4.5) = 2.5. Alternatively, if the home line is -4.5 and the home team loses by 2 points, the difference is abs(-2 - 4.5) = 6.5.

The table headers are as follows: C: covers, P: pushes, NC: non covers, PS: predictability score.

Please note that the PS values essentially measure the unpredictability of a team's performance. A lower PS score indicates the bookmaker has more accurately set the lines for the team's games. Conversely, a higher PS score indicates the team's results have been more unpredictable this season.

All Fixtures

1 36ers 1001810.1
2 Kings 1901710.1
3 Taipans 1801510.2
4 Melbourne 1501310.5
5 Hawks 1201611.2
6 Breakers 2101511.4
7 Wildcats 1501512.1
8 Phoenix 1501412.2
9 JackJumpers 1701513.5
10 Bullets 1201613.5

Home Fixtures

1 36ers 50911.0
2 Kings 10099.3
3 Taipans 701010.9
4 Melbourne 70711.4
5 Hawks 50911.1
6 Breakers 90911.8
7 Wildcats 7079.4
8 Phoenix 100511.0
9 JackJumpers 80714.3
10 Bullets 50914.9

Away Fixtures

1 36ers 5099.1
2 Kings 90811.0
3 Taipans 11059.4
4 Melbourne 8069.6
5 Hawks 70711.3
6 Breakers 120611.0
7 Wildcats 80814.6
8 Phoenix 50913.5
9 JackJumpers 90812.8
10 Bullets 70712.1

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